Ушуллу - ТитульнаяIlya Ushullu was born June 22, 1985 in a military family in Chirchik in Tashkent Province, Uzbekistan.

In 2004-2008 – soloist of the opera studio of the Russian Music Academy of Gnesins under the leadership of professor Yu. A. Speransky. 

In 2007 became Laureate of International competition of vocalists “Art of XXI century” (Italy).

In 2008 graduated from the Russian Music Academy of Gnesins with the qualification “Solo singing” (the class of professor N. A. Dmitrieva).
    In 2008-2011 studied at the Opera Centre under the direction of Galina Vishnevskaya.

Participated in master classes held by many outstanding musicians, such as Mauro Trombetta, Eugene Kohn, Tito Capobianco, Sherrill Milnes, Verena Keller, Andreas Kowalewitz.

In 2008, 2009 performed at the Festival of Music and Theatre “New Itinerant ship” (Krasnoyarsk, Zelenogorsk, Khabarovsk, Vladivostok).

In 2010 participated in the International Project “The National War is Here” dedicated to the 65 years anniversary of the Victory of the Great Patriotic War (Moscow, Gdansk, Berlin, Saint Petersburg, Kronshtadt). 

Since 2010 – active member of Society for Russian Bass Admirers

In 2010 participated in “Let Us Bow to Those Great Years” by the Society for Russian Bass Admirers, the concert series that were held in Moscow, Murmansk and Smolensk, dedicated to the 65th Anniversary of the Great Patriotic War.

In 2011 participated in XVIII All-Russian Pushkin Theatre Festival (Pskov).

In 2011 accepted the position of Soloist at “Moskontsert”.

In 2011 participated in III International Music Festival “Music in Exile” (Moscow).

In 2012 participated in the 2nd Edition of Vintage Music Festival (Moscow).

In 2012-2016, 2018 performed at Moscow Music Festival “You, Mozart, are God…” (Moscow).

In 2012-2014, 2016, 2019 participated in Moscow International Chamber Music Festival “Spring in Russia” (Moscow).

In 2012 participated at I All-Russian Music Festival “Aleksandr Aleksandrovich Alyabyev – the great Russian Composer” (Moscow, Smolensk, Tobolsk, Pushino).

In 2012-2013 participated in Festival  “The Open Stage” (Moscow).

In 2012 took a traineeship in Switzerland (Internationale Opernwerkstatt 2012).

In 2012-2013 performed at International Music Festival “The Seasons” (Moscow).

In 2013, 2016 took part in the International Music Festival in the honor of M. P. Mussorgsky (Toropets, Tver).

In 2013-2019, 2021 participated in the summer Festival “Classical Music in Kuskovo” (Moscow).

In 2013 completed postgraduate studies of the Vocal Division of the Solo Singing Department of the Moscow State P. I. Tchaikovsky Conservatory under the leadership of Yu. A. Grigoryev. 

In 2013 passed the course of Academic Teaching at Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory.

In 2013-2014 participated in the Music Festival “Shalyapinsky Season” (Kislovodsk).

In 2013 was awarded with an anniversary medal “140 years of F. I. Shalyapin” by the Literary-Musical Museum “Shalyapin’s Dacha” (Kislovodsk).

In 2013-2014, 2016-2019 performed at International Festival of Modern Music “Moscow Autumn” (Moscow).

In 2013 participated in VI International Christmas Festival “Royal Christmas” (Moscow).

In 2014 took part in International Music Festival “Beautiful Italy” (Moscow).

In 2014 participated in the XXXIII International Music Festival in the honor of S. V. Rachmaninov (Tambov).

In 2014, having defended the master’s thesis “P. I. Tchaikovsky’s romances in the context of opera works of the composer. Genre and stylistic criteria” under the leadership of the doctor of arts, professor A. I. Demchenko, to Ilya Ushullu the academic degree of the candidate an arts is awarded.

In 2014 – Laureate of IX Moscow Open Competition “Romansiada without frontiers” (Moscow).

In 2014, 2019 performed in Open International Festival of Arts “Dedicated to the Victory Day…” (Moscow).

In 2014 participated in the Festival of ancient music “Musical art of Russia and the countries of Europe of the XVII-XVIII centuries” (Moscow).

In 2014 participated in the  VI International Music Festival “Rendezvous” (Moscow).

In 2014 participated in the XI International charitable film festival “Radiant Angel” (Moscow).

In 2014 is awarded by “Certificate of honour” for participation in the final of the II All-Russian musical competition (Moscow).
      In 2014 participated in the International film forum “Gold hero” (Moscow).
      In 2014 participated in the XI Moscow Festival “The art of a harp in Russia” (Moscow).
      In 2015 participated in the XVIII Festival “Moscow. Pushkin. February evenings on Arbat” (Moscow).
      In 2015 participated in the XII Bakhrushinsky charitable festival (Moscow).

In 2015-2017 participated in the Festival of music of Sergey Vasilyevich Rachmaninov “A white lilac” (Moscow).

      Since 2015 – the head of the creative commission “Academic vocal” of the Moscow musical society.
      In 2015 participated in the International festival of jam (Moscow).
      In 2015 participated in the Musical noncommercial festival “At the Saint Prince Vladimir” (Moscow).
      In 2015 participated in the International lyceum festival “Tsarskoselskaya Fall” (St. Petersburg).
      In 2015 participated in the Music Festival “Bach-Fest” (Moscow).
      Since 2016 holds vocal master classes.
      In 2016 participated in the Festival “Other music. Bach” (Nizhny Novgorod).

In 2016-2017 – the member of the creative commission in the nomination “Vocal Academy “Golos”" (Classical singing) of the Moscow festival of student’s creativity “Festos”.

In 2016 has been awarded ranks of the winner of the All-Russian musical festival of young composers and performers “We will bow to great those years…” (Zheleznodorozhniy).
    In 2016 has headed structure of judges in the nomination “Solo Variety Vocal” of the I Open international musical competition “Spring Song” (Dedication to P. I. Tchaikovsky) (Moscow).

In 2016 awarded the diploma of the Grand Prix, and also an honourable medal IX of the All-Russian festival competition of folk art “Keepers of heritage of Russia” (Krasnogorsk).

In 2016 participated in the Festival of an orthodox sacred music “Singing Russia” (Moscow).

Since 2016 – the member of the Russian musical union.
      In 2016 participated in IV International Chamber Music Festival “WinterReise” (Moscow).
      In 2017 participated in the Moscow festival “Travel to Christmas” (Moscow).

In 2017 – the member of judge of the Moscow open creative festival “To You, Fatherland, Our Young Talents” (Moscow).

In 2017 participated in the XIX Vocal and practical conference “Dmitriyevsky Readings” (Moscow).

In 2017-2018 – the judge of the Open Moscow festival competition of a film song of a name of the poet Leonid Derbenyov (Moscow).

In 2017 – the participant of the “Music in the Subway” project created by Department of transport and Moscow Metro (Moscow).

In 2017 participated in “A musical festival with taste of coffee” (Moscow).

Since 2017 – the member of Arts council of Moskontsert.

In 2017 participated in the Festival of the cycle “Moscow Seasons” “The Moscow summer. Flower jam” (Moscow).

Since 2017 – the member of the International union of musical figures.

Since 2017 – the author of the Music for All project passing in the Central house of workers of arts (Moscow).

Since 2017 – the author of the idea, the artistic director and the chairman of jury of the International festival of vocal art “Timbre”.

In 2018 participated in the XXVI International educational readings (Moscow).

In 2018 participated in the II International festival of ancient music “Roza Barokko” (Zhukovsky).

In 2018 participated in the Festival of ancient music “Gallant baroque in Kuskovo” (Moscow).

In 2018 participated in the XIX International theater festival “Melikhovsky Spring” (Moscow region, Chekhovian area).

In 2018-2020 participated in the project of the Government of Moscow “Moscow longevity” (Moscow).

In 2018 participated in the Musical festival “Given Rise by Russia” (Moscow).

In 2018 – the judge of the Festival movement of the Russian world “Osiyannaya Rus” (Fedoskino).

Since 2018 – the expert of the Moscow Department of Culture in the Academic Vocal nomination (A vocal and choral genre) on assignment, confirmation of ranks “Moscow City On-stage Performance Group”, “Leading On-stage Performance Group of the City of Moscow”, “Moscow City Creative Studio”, “Leading Creative Studio of the City of Moscow”.

Since 2019 – the member of the Eurasian council of composers and musical figures.

In 2019 participated in “An easter festival in Cathedral on Small Georgian” (Moscow).

In 2019, 2021 participated in the International Open Arts Festival “Victory Day is Dedicated…” (Moscow).

In 2019 headed the structure of jury in the Academic Vocal nomination in three age groups of the Regional competition of vocal art “the Alyabyevsky nightingale” (Moscow region).

In 2019 participated in the Resort Seasons festival (Kislovodsk).

In 2019 participated in the anniversary stock “Active Citizen” (Moscow).

In 2019 – the judge of the I International open vocal academic competition “Opera Stars”.

In 2019 participated in the International project “Times binding thread” (Vladivostok).

Since 2019 – the project manager “The international youth festival competition of vocal art “The Russian Bass”.

In 2019 – member of the jury in the nomination “Vocal” cultural and educational project “Victories for the Future” (Moscow).

In 2019 – member of the jury of the International Festival-competition “Gold of the Nation” (Moscow region).

Since 2020 – responsible secretary of the Art Council KFD of Mosconcert.

In 2020 – member of the jury of the Contest-festival “The Future Begins Here” (Nizhnevartovsk).

In 2020 he took part as a speaker in the project of the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs “Dialogue on Equal Terms,” which took place live for students of GBOU VO MO “Technological University” of Korolev city.

In 2020, he became a member of the Russian record as part of the most massive online vocal performance of the composition by D. Tukhmanov to the words of V. Kharitonov “Victory Day.”

In 2020 – member of the jury of the All-Russian festival-competition “Guardians of the Heritage of Russia” (Krasnogorsk).

In 2020-2021 – member of the jury of the Regional Competition of Vocal Art “Alyabyevsky Nightingale” (Moscow Region).

In 2020 – member of the jury of the Competition “Constellation of Talents” of the College of Space Engineering and Technology of the University of Technology named after twice hero of the Soviet Union pilot-cosmonaut A. A. Leonov (Korolev).

In 2020, he participated in the VII International Christmas Festival of the Perm Regional Philharmonic (Perm).

In 2020 was awarded the Public Medal “For Works in Education, Culture, Art and Literature”.

In 2020 he was awarded the gratitude of the Minister of the Government of Moscow, the head of the Department of the City of Moscow A.V. Kibovsky.

In 2021 – member of the jury of the III Open festival-competition “World of the blue screen” (Moscow).

Since 2021 – member of the Russian Creative Union of Cultural Workers.

In 2021 he was awarded the title “Voice of Angelic Russia” and the award “Angel Trumpeting” in the nomination “Voice,” as well as the badge “Angel Trumpeting” of the Interregional Charitable Public Foundation “Voice of Angelic Russia.” (Moscow region)

In 2021 – member of the jury of the 1st International Music and Poetry Festival “Symphony of Poetry Without Borders.”

In 2021 – independent expert of the 1st Moscow Open Festival-Competition “VIVA PIANO & VOCE FEST”.

In 2021 he was awarded the statuette “For responsiveness and initiative,” as well as the diploma “For personal contribution to the preservation of the memory of the Defenders of the Fatherland and the cultural and historical heritage of the country” of the Worthy Memory charity fund.

Toured in Germany, Poland and Switzerland and in numerous cities of Russia.