IMG_6248_1500x1000Ilya Ushullu is a Moscow singer, performing artist, poet, composer, a recipient of prizes of numerous international and all-Russian competitions and festivals, director of concert programs, author of a set of cultural and educational projects.

Ilya Ushullu is one of the soloists of the State Budgetary Institution of Culture in Moscow “Moskontsert”. He is a highly professional singer with a large-scale voice quality (basso) of primary beauty, the perfect vocal technique, wonderful musical background and rich acting skills. During the performances he creates impressive images and characters.

Ilya Ushullu is the unique singer of different musical forms. His wide-ranging musical repertoire includes Russian classic romance (Lied), old (urban) Russian romance (Lied), Soviet songs, Russian folk songs, vocal cycles of national composers, music of the national composers of XXI century, arias and ensembles (duet, terzetto etc.) from Russian and foreign operatic classics, arias from cantatas and oratorios of foreign composers, old arias of foreign composers, chamber-vocal foreign classics, popular foreign music, nations songs, hymns, parts in cantatas, oratorios, masses, offertories, requiems and also 37 opera parts. From time to time the singer with huge success appears in opera performances. Also Ilya Ushullu sings the author’s works.

The singer works with such known composers as Efrem Podgayts, Anatoly Poletayev, Anton Viskov, Ekaterina Kozhevnikova, Taras Buyevsky, Boris Frankshteyn, Elena Evtushevskaya, Vladimir Zuyev, Anzhelika Komissarenko, Igor Kholopov, Maral Yakshieva, Anna Fomina, Anna Navetnaya, Julian Henry Lowenfeld. In 2011 interpreted the role of Demon in the world premiere of opera “Angel and Psychotherapist” by Efrem Podgayts, which took place at Moscow Chamber Musical Theatre with the accompaniment by Moscow Chamber Orchestra “The Seasons” with the lead of Honored Artist of Russia Vladislav Bulakhov. In November 2013 Ilya Ushullu recorded the song of Santa Claus (composer – Igor Kholopov) for the unique New-Year performance-on-water for adults and children “The Land of Dreams”. The mastermind of this show is the three-time champion of the Olympics Maria Kiseleva. In June 2014 went out the CD of modern music, which includes the triptych “Here, before you, suppliantly” of the composer Igor Kholopov with the lines of Russian poets for basso, chromatic accordion and chamber orchestra. This piece of art was dedicated by the composer to Ilya Ushullu. The triptych was recorded accompanied by the Moscow Chamber Orchestra “The Seasons” with the lead of Honored Artist of Russia Vladislav Bulakhov and the honoree of international and national contests Josef Purits.
    In June 2018, Ilya Ushullu’s debut author’s album “School Years” was released. The disc presents the songs of Ilya Ushullu about friendship, first love, unanswered love, about the beautiful years of school time.
Ilya Ushullu performs on such known stages of Moscow as the Main State Music Hall “Russia”, State Kremlin Palace (diplomatic hall), House of the Unions (Columned, October halls),the Moscow International Music Center (the “Svetlanovsky”, “Chamber”, “Theatre” halls), the Moscow State Exhibition Hall “New Manezh”, Moscow State P. I. Tchaikovsky Conservatory (“Big”, “Small”, “Rachmaninovsky” Halls), the Council Hall of Moscow`s Cathedral of Christ the Savior, Moscow concert hall “Zaryadye”, the Opera Singing Center of Galina Vishnevskaya, the Music Hall of the Pavel Slobodkin Center, The Moscow Music hall, Moskontsert on Gun, The Moscow Folk Culture Center under the direction of Lyudmila Ryumina, the Music Hall of the Russian Music Academy of Gnesins, the Theatre and Music Hall “The Palace by the Yauza River” (“Big” hall), the Main Scholar Center (“Big” hall) and others and also in many other cities in Russia and worldwide.

Not once have the persons of high-standing from Russia and other countries enjoyed the art of Ilya Ushullu.
   In 2014, having defended the master’s thesis “P. I. Tchaikovsky’s romances in the context of opera works of the composer. Genre and stylistic criteria” under the leadership of the doctor of arts, professor A. I. Demchenko, to Ilya Ushullu the academic degree of the candidate an arts is awarded.

In July 2014 Ilya Ushullu took part in synchronizing the preview for the first interactive musical show “Artist” (original name is “Rising Star”), which went on the air in fall 2014 on the “Russia-1″ Channel. And in November 2014 Ilya Ushullu became the voice of Fedor Ivanovich Shalyapin in the series “Orlova and Aleksandrov”, which was aired in the spring of 2015 on Channel “One Russia”. The show is directed by Vitaly Moskalenko.
   In 2015 Ilya Ushullu took part in presentations of the first “mirror” bilingual edition (in the Russian and English languages) A.S. Pushkin’s works and his biography “My Mascot” which took place in Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod and St. Petersburg. The American poet, the playwright, the translator from eight languages and lawyer Julian Henry Lowenfeld became the author of the edition.
    On November 14, 2015 Ilya Ushullu debuted in grandiose theatrical and musical experiment of legendary group “King and Clown” and the Theatrical Business production company the rock musical “TODD” in part of the Butcher.

Ilya Ushullu repeatedly executed the National anthem of the Russian Federation on the Small sports Luzhniki arena before hockey matches of the Kontinental Hockey League.

On January 31, 2016, Ilya Ushullu performed the anthem of the Russian Federation before the hockey match Spartak (Moscow) – CSKA live (Channel Match TV).

In June-July 2018, Ilya Ushullu took part in the show “Night” live (TV Channel “Moscow 24″).

In 2018-2019, 2023-2024 Ilya Ushullu participated in the interactive game “100 to 1″ (Russia 1 TV Channel).

Since 2020, Ilya Ushullu is a constant guest of the Good Morning program, which is broadcast live on TV Channel One.

In 2021, Ilya Ushullu appeared in the image of a clergyman in the video for the song “Bell” by poet, composer and producer Elena Plotnikova. The inspirers and organizers of the clip: Patriot Media Park and “Zvezda” TV channel.

In 2021, Ilya Ushullu became the winner of the TV show “Game in the Cinema” (TV Channel “MIR”).

In 2024, Ilya Ushullu took part in the filming of the program “Central Television with Vadim Takmenev” (NTV Channel).

Ilya Ushullu cooperates with numerous orchestras: the Symphony Orchestra of Radio “Orpheus” (cond. Sergey Kondrashev), Central Concert Orchestra of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia (cond. Felix Aranovsky), Y. V. Silantiev Academic Grand Concert Orchestra (cond. Alexander Klevitsky), Central Military Orchestra of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation (cond. Sergey Durygin, Konstantin Petrovich, Alexander Solovyov), Academic Orchestra of Russian Folk Instruments named after N. N. Necrasov (cond. Andrei Shlyachkov), Exemplary brass band of the police of the Cultural Center of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia in the city of Moscow (dir. Igor Kanurin), State Academic Symphony Chapel of Russia (cond. Dmitry Krukov), Exemplary Orchestra of the National Guard of the Russian Federation (cond. Igor Levandovsky), Symphonic orchestra of the Republic of Tatarstan (cond. Artem Makarov), State Brass Orchestra of Russia (cond. Victor Lutsenko), State Academic Russian Concert Orchestra “Boyan” (cond. Anatoly Poletayev, Nikolai Stepanov), Orchestra of the Center of Opera Singing Galina Višniewska (cond. Yaroslav Tkalenko), Moscow Chamber Orchestra “Times of the Year” (cond. Vladislav Bulakhov), Chamber Orchestra “Moscow Camerata” (cond. Nikolai Sokolov), Symphony Orchestra of the Moscow Conservatoire (cond. Anatoly Levin), Chamber Orchestra “KREMLIN” (cond. Misha Rakhlevsky), Globalis Symphony Orchestra (cond. Leonid Butinsky), Orchestra of the State Academic Small Theatre (cond. Vladimir Semkin), Symphony Orchestra of the Opera House of the Moscow Conservatoire (cond. Alexander Yakupov, Aleksandr Zhilenkov), Chamber Orchestra “Antonio-orchestra” (cond. Andrei Anihanov, Stanislav Maisky), Chamber Orchestra of the Opera Workshop of the Postgraduate School of the Moscow Conservatoire (cond. Maria Maksimchuk), Orchestra of the Opera Studio of the Russian Academy of Music named after Gnesin (cond. Victor Kuzovlev, Vladimir Feller), GMPI Symphony Orchestra named after M. M. Ippolitov-Ivanov (cond. Vyacheslav Valeev), Chamber Orchestra “Cantilena” (cond. Andrei Istomin), Concert Russian Orchestra “Academy” (cond. Boris Voron), Gnesin Moscow Chamber Orchestra (cond. Andrei Podgorny), N. M. Mikhailov Brass Orchestra (cond. Anatoly Mukhamedjan), Chamber Orchestra “Russian Camerata” (cond. Andrei Krukov), Symphony Orchestra of the Belthe State Symphony (cond. Dmitry Filatov), Orchestra of Russian folk instruments “Merry Naigrish” (cond. Victor Sheludko), Municipal Orchestra of Sergei-Posadsky District (cond. Vladislav Kadersky), as well as with conductors Philip Chizhevsky and Andreas Kovalevich.

Ilya Ushullu also performs with different collectives: Chamber Choir of the Moscow Conservatoire (cond. Alexander Solovyov), State Academic Choir Chapel of Russia named after A. A. Yurlov, State Ensemble of Russian Music and Dance “Sadko” (cond. Denis Zabavsky), Moscow Men ‘s Chamber Choir (cond. Valeriy Fishin), Ensemble of Soloists “The Moscow quartet”, the Quartet of the national Admiral tools, Ensemble of soloists of Orfarion, Ensemble of gusla players “Magic strings”, Ensemble of ancient music “Laudes”, the State quartet of P.I. Tchaikovsky, Ensemble of gusla players of Kupina, Ensemble of sacred music “Toll”, Ensemble of the ancient tools “Arte-Fakt”, “Russian Trio”, Ensemble of soloists “Fandango”, Gallery of Relevant Music Ensemble (cond. Ayrat Kashayev), “Agafonnikov-Band”, “Moscow Classical Ensemble” and, of course, with highly professional pianists and organists.

Ilya Ushullu conquers the audience with the heartfelt performance, with lyricism and dramatism, which, along with the sense of harmony and taste, form the deep revelation of image. His performance always impresses with its sensitive treatment. The excellence of rendition, the pure emotive effect, the romantic uplift, the deep insight into the performed piece of art, the perfect sense of style, naturalness and charm – all this characterizes Ilya Ushullu. He is constantly in work, preparing new programs, which successfully stages afterwards in halls of the Capital and other cities of Russia. The appearance of the artist with such strong and at the same time soft, mellow voice, elaborate vocal technique and pleasing looks always enriches any exclusive concert.

Broad scenic range, special strength of the singing, the art of acting, cheironomy, tragic and comic images – all this appears not only as a natural gift of Ilya Ushullu but also as a result of everyday hard work and self-analysis of the artist.